Dare Original Crackers

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Original Crackers - Experience the perfectly balanced taste of Original Dare Breton Cookies that are expertly designed to have a unique, crisp, tender texture and a smooth, creamy, slightly nutty flavor. Best - These original Breton cookies are made with whole wheat flour and wheat germ for an incredibly delicious taste that you can feel good sharing with friends and family. Low-Fat Snacks: As delicious as these biscuits are, you won't believe they're made without artificial colors or flavors. Plus, they're free of trans fat and cholesterol-free, making them the healthy snack to always have on hand. Plain oo Top: These Dare Breton cookies have the melt-in-your-mouth crunchy texture that is perfect for enjoying plain or serving alongside cheeses, sauces, and fruit. They are versatile enough to be enjoyed with breakfast, lunch and dinner. 12-Pack - These quick and easy snack cookies are baked in a peanut-free facility, making them safe for the whole family

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